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Star Beginnings is a home day care service located at the intersection of McLean, Falls Church, and North Arlington. We are proud to serve to working moms and dads of the Washington metropolitan area!

We are a year-round home daycare, open from 7:30am until 6:00pm Monday through Friday. With a small community of children, we offer quality and intimate care in a home environment for all children under our care. Our daycare offers a loving, caring, and structured environment.

Star Beginnings is conveniently located in Falls Church, near the I-66 and the Dulles Toll Road (Route 267). We’re located right off Powhatan Street and Kirby Rd. Haycock Elementary School is a mile from my home.

Why home daycare?

We are trained in early childhood education and know what to expect from your child developmentally and are able to nurture your child’s growing skills accordingly. Our daycare includes a nice mix of activities during the day to teach different skills, such as singing, dancing, and storytelling.

Additionally, toddlers benefit from the chance to socialize with other children, which they may not get to do as often or at all when a nanny or a relative cares for them at home.

Ongoing research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development suggests that children in quality daycare centers may even have an intellectual edge over those in other kinds of care. When researchers compared kids in quality daycare to those in other, equally high-quality childcare situations, children in centers performed a little better on tests.

Our center has clear-cut rules for parents to follow (such as pickup and drop-off times) so you know exactly what is expected of you. Parents have the opportunity to meet other parents who may be able to lend support and babysitting time.

The arrangement is more stable (compared to, say, nanny or relative care) because the center agrees to watch over your child regardless whether a teacher is sick or tardy. Our center provides reliable care, so you don’t have to work around someone else’s sick days and vacation.

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6125 old dominion drive McLean/ Arlington

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